VFX/PDX, 3DPDX and PAMUG Presents: MODO in Depth with James Darknell and Rich Hurrey, Rigging TD at Pixar Animation Studios!

Hello MODO users, those considering, and those we wish to win over!

Please join us on Saturday, 14 March at 1PM (hosted by out most gracious friends at Splash Worldwide!) for a specific look into rigging in MODO with the Rich Hurrey, creator of the Rigging Master Course and TD at Pixar Animation Studios, with James Darknell, the modeling master and all-around MODO Guru.

James and Rich PDX Presentation Flyer R03a-02

Saturday, 14 March 2015, 1PM

Splash Worldwide
419 NE 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97232

Seating is limited so please register!


Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Special thanks to the Foundry, J Bills of VFX/PDX, 3DPDX, Javis Jones, and Matt Keyes of Splash for all your help in getting this together!