Brad Peebler, Foundry President of the Americas, presents MODO 801, PDX June 2nd

PAMUG Brad Peebler 02JUN2014

Join us June 2nd at 6PM at the Newspace Center for Photography for a wonderful cg evening with Brad Peebler.

Brad Peebler, Co-founder of Luxology and 3D software Industry Pioneer will be in Portland to present the Foundry’s new release of MODO 801.

Guaranteed not to be your typical posterior-numbing 3D show and tell, Brad brings his deep knowledge of MODO and humor to PDX for what will be an informative and entertaining presentation.

Expect a great high-level overview of MODO’s features from modeling to character animation, simulation to render, along with some of MODO 801’s new features.

This is a Free event with refreshments and bites to eat, but register now as seating is limited: RSVP NOW!

For more information about MODO 801, the Foundry’s 3D animation software, please follow these links:

Special thanks go out to VFX/PDX and 3DPDX, for helping to make this event happen.

We are currently securing a space and locking down a time. We will inform all of you soon once we have a lock on time and place.

We look forward to seeing you there-
Gideon Klindt – PAMUG Member


Yazan in PDX for PAMUG Demo

Yazan of 9bstudios is in town to meet up, talk all things MODO, and present some of what is in store for us when SLIK2 is released.

6:30pm- Meet up if you want with Yazan and others to eat Lebanese at Nicholas Restaurant (close to Splash)

~8:00pm- Meet up at Splash to chew some MODO fat, get some expert advice and knowledge, and a sneak peak at soon to be released plugs (like SLIK2) by Yazan + special guests.

Would be wonderful to have you attend, and if you know a photographer or someone who does a lot of product shots and is interested in 3D, this would be a good event to bring them too.

See you there!

Modo Script: SnapOn2Vert

A user on the Lux forum recently asked if it was possible to copy functionality from Maya, where you could control the gizmo of the pivot point (done with the “D” key in Maya) then snap to vertices (with the “V” key in Maya). This lets you quickly move and snap the gizmo to a vertex. So I made a macro for Modo that let’s you do this.

I added two more files into the zip, one that will also snap to poly centers and another for edge centers. Bind them to a hotkey and roll. For what it’s worth, it’s also one key press less than Mayas equivalent. :)

Here’s the file:

And here’s a quick video:

VFX/PDX – looks like an event NOT to miss!

Jeff White of ILM-VFX & Andrew Nawrot of LAIKA’s Visual Effects Department present:
Avenge of the Zombies!
Saturday, May 25th
Doors at 1:30, Presentation 2pm-4pm
The NW Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium @ the Portland Art Museum

1219 SW Park Ave, Portland OR

Register for free and get your ticket at:

For more info check out the VFX/PDX site:

Look forward to seeing you MODOnauts  there!

Photo Joe Myers- 3DPDX- LUX in PDX Crowd Shot WEB 1

It was a full house! -Photo Courtesy Joe Myers – Sketchbook Inc.-

Let’s make one thing clear about the Foundry’s visit to PDX: if you missed Scott Robertson’s presentation, and have any interest in art/design/3D or concept work you truly missed out!
 Thousands of Shoe Concepts using Scott Robert's semi-automated generator. -Photo Courtesy

Thousands of Shoe Concepts using Scott Robert’s semi-automated generator.
-Photo Courtesy

Scott presented several ways he uses MODO to help create amazing concepts that vary from space ships and land based vehicles, to space suites, aliens and even shoe designs. His ability to leverage MODO’s fast and flexible render engine, along side using replicators, texture bombing, and projections with an animated seed count was great to learn about. 1,000+ new shoe concepts by the next day? No problem says Scott with his new technique. Be sure to check out Scott’s site to see more examples of his work:
Greg and Deke rounded out the presentation with demonstrations of MARI’s powerful painting tools and MODO’s ability to take vector displacement and create a multi-resolution mesh which can painted, further sculpted then rigged, animated inside of MODO.
 Greg and Deke demonstrait some of the finer points of MARI and MODO -Photo Courtesy

Greg and Deke demonstrait some of the finer points of MARI and MODO
-Photo Courtesy

It was a great night for CG in PDX, and one that the Foundry hopes to repeat again sometime later this year (it’s rumored that it will be with none other than Brad Peebler)! A special thanks needs to go out to Joe Myers of 3DPDX and Melodie Rose of the Foundry for making this all happen- Thank you!

 Joe Myers attempting to capture the elusive, but not so rare MODO user in the wild. -Photo Courtesy Bev Standish-

Joe Myers attempting to capture the elusive,
but not so rare MODO user in the wild.
-Photo Courtesy Bev Standish-


PAMUG – Next event Thursday, May 16th – 7:30pm at PNCA, room 125

Next PAMUG meeting is going to cover a bit of the new NPR shader that came with many 701 licenses, interesting uses for particles, and a few other new gems in 701 that you might not be aware of.

Thursday, May 16th
PNCA, room 125

Map and directions:

As usual, Q&A will be constant, and we welcome you to bring any projects of your own you find interesting and wish to share, or that you are having some trouble with and want the group to use its collective powers on.

If you’re new to MODO, or just want to learn more about MODO, and what it might be able to do for your needs, this will be a great place to get the scoop and become better informed.

Bring your sense of humor, your laptop, and your cg brain. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thank You, The PAMUG Membership

Luxology and the Foundry release MODO 701! Node based particles, Linux version highlight feature list


MODO 701 highlights

  • Procedural particle engine with an easy to use pre-set workflow
  • Audio playback and a sound channel modifier, bringing animations to life
  • Schematic improvements, reducing scene graph complexity
  • Dedicated dynamics simulation layer, significantly improving performance
  • Simplified complexity of materials and layered shaders
  • Large scene performance improvements by as much as 175x
  • Preview render synchronisation improvements, over 50x faster in large scenes
  • New Python interpreter, making python execution many times faster
  • Unlimited network rendering