Luxology and the Foundry release MODO 701! Node based particles, Linux version highlight feature list


MODO 701 highlights

  • Procedural particle engine with an easy to use pre-set workflow
  • Audio playback and a sound channel modifier, bringing animations to life
  • Schematic improvements, reducing scene graph complexity
  • Dedicated dynamics simulation layer, significantly improving performance
  • Simplified complexity of materials and layered shaders
  • Large scene performance improvements by as much as 175x
  • Preview render synchronisation improvements, over 50x faster in large scenes
  • New Python interpreter, making python execution many times faster
  • Unlimited network rendering

MODO NEWS – Predigested links to information of interest to PAMUG members

Things happening with MODO that PAMUG found worthy of note:

PAMUG member and modeling expert Javis Jones releases a tutorial set on the ins and outs of flow, loops, and correcting common errors on your sub-division items (and all that wisdom for $9?!?):

Yazan of 9bstudios and LAMUG fame gives the low down on some new 701 features in these informative videos:

Amazing piece of metal work done in MODO:

Great example of how dynamics are not just for Hollywood films and games:

This script is a MUST to add to your modeling toolset – Extrude edges by normal- check it out:

Some nice Shader Tree additions for those who hate lists and love icons:

And for those of you who sprechen deutsch, or just like an excuse to use MODO, good beer, and drive BMWs on the autobahn: